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milkypossum's News

Posted by milkypossum - May 13th, 2022

Hi!! I recently uploaded most of my work onto Spotify, Apple Music, YT music, and other services! We love accessibility ;D This also includes the Olive’s Art-Venture OST! I compiled all my other songs into a big ol album called MilkJams and there are a few singles of things I thought stood out! Just wanted to let y’all know!

Keep on rootin and tootin! And thanks for always supporting! :^)

Spotify link: https://open.spotify.com/artist/4QmgIxc22zXAvaooVw3AtX


Posted by milkypossum - January 10th, 2022

Hey yall! First of all AAA I'll never stop saying ty for the support! I have some juicy OSTs coming out soon and can't wait to share!

I also just wanted to ask that if any of you guys want to use my music for a game you've made, please ask or let me know before you do! Especially if it's for a contest / event / game jam!

Most times I'm involved with a team making custom music for those things and I really prefer being able to make something specific for a project rather than having peeps use stuff I've already made and having my name on a bunch of different entries. Especially entries I wasn't aware of for the same contest!

I hope that sounds fair and you guys can understand! I know personally, especially if there's a prize involved I'd rather have my name in the entry I worked hard and made custom stuff for rather than something I was added to without knowing or at the last minute so pls keep me in the loop!

I really like to take my time working on custom music and soundtracks for games so I hope you can understand! <3

Also! In the event that I'm super booked or already in a team for any events I highly encourage people to browse the audio portal and look for other people there! There are SO many talented new peeps in the audio portal who would be happy to help with projects too! <3

Anyways that's all I have to say and I hope yall are doing well and prepping for an amazing Pixel Day!


Posted by milkypossum - October 21st, 2021

First off AAAAAAA I just wanna say thanks to all the homies who support me on here and who supported MilkWorld. I was so overwhelmed with the reception of it and I still am tbh! And thank you so much to everyone who lets me make funky beats for their games and for everyone listening to the funky beats! ALSO holy SHIT thanks for 1.1k???? I'm very shook about this lmao

I feel so happy n warm ; v ; I only joined 6 months ago and in that time Newgrounds has allowed me to connect and work with so many cool people along with helping me always stay inspired to keep pushing myself and working hard on music stuff. Before this I was too scared to share any of my work and I thought that there would be no place for me in the indie gaming scene because I didn't think I was good enough at anything to be a part of such a cool and creative community. If you told me a year ago that I would actually be posting my music and be a part of game projects, I def would not have believed it and probably would have shat myself lol. So thank you to everyone here because I definitely haven't felt this happy while working on anything in a long time, and I hope to keep improving and working on more songs and projects for a very long time!

In MilkWorld news, the album is available on all major streaming platforms and I also have this lil shop with MilkWorld shirts and hoodies if anyone is so inclined!

In other general news: I'll be away for a bit in the next few weeks because I'm taking my first vacation in 3 years!!! (I'm a serial workaholic so this pains me lol) Music uploads will be p slow from now until November 13th but if you want to hit me up for any commissioned tracks, game projects, or anything and are chill to wait until then for me to get started definitely let me know! <3

Anyway, thank you guys so much again and I really can't wait to see what's going to happen in the future!!



Posted by milkypossum - September 19th, 2021



I'm dropping a lil album on October 5th featuring a few songs I've uploaded on here plus more fun lil tracks I've been working on!! I'm really excited to show everyone!! This and a few other projects are what I've been grinding hard on lately and it's definitely been a journey so far!

The premise of MilkWorld is basically a bunch of settings in this lil 'world' I've made with songs to fit various places and locations. So far there are a bunch of fun little genres jammed into this ranging from chiptune to house to expirimental stuff, so I'm very excited for what it's becoming!

Thank you all so much for all the support on my music! Seriously. In 2020 I was crying at PAX east because I wanted to be involved in the gaming scene but I was too scared to put myself out there and I didn't think I had anything good to offer developers. Thank you to everyone who has given me a chance to work for them on any project of any capacity. It means more than you know and I can't wait to see what the future looks like! But for now, it's MilkWorld prep time!


Posted by milkypossum - July 21st, 2021

Howdy friends! Some lil updates since I haven't updated y'all in a hot sec!

- I'm looking to hop on more game projects as a composer! Preferably games on here for right now!

- I'm moving away from FnF mod requests for a sec! Thanks to all who have reached out and let me make some jams for you! Mainly moving away from this because I've been enjoying writing for different games and wanna branch out some more!

- I'd love to collaborate more with people! Esp animators if anyone needs music for stuff! I've never done it before but I'd love to try it out and work with more people!

Overall I'm basically feeling a lot more comfortable in composing and making tracks and I feel like branching out and working on different projects will be a really fun way to learn more and to keep growing. I'm really thankful for all the feedback and support on here and it's always inspiring being on a site with so many passionate and creative people!

Anyways, that's pretty much it! Thanks for coming to my Ted talk lol


Posted by milkypossum - June 12th, 2021

Hey y'all! I'm currently working on 3 new mods right now and will update when I have space to work on new projects!

Thanks so much for those who are hitting me up and I'll start updating when I have time to hop on another project!

When I have space to work on something else I'll be reading and responding to stuff in the order I received them!


Posted by milkypossum - May 28th, 2021

Soooo uhhhh, long story short I had a full mod planned and did all the music, sprites, bgs, dialogue, etc,,, but when it came to plugging everything in to get it to run I failed miserably, so in commemoration of my failed mod I'm gonna upload the tracks, concepts, and some of the art I had for it on here in a sec!

If anyone does actually know how to make mods run nicely / would be down to collab on it, please let me know! I'd be down to revive it and send all the stuff I had for it!

Anyway, here were the deets and characters I had planned for the little storyline:

The mod was literally just gonna be called VS Venti because uhh yeah, and here's a sprite I had done for her!


There was some shameless thirst put into drawing her lmao.

Essentially I designed Venti to be some old ass best friend GF had before she met BF and started simping. GF kinda drifts away from Venti which pisses Venti off p badly. Venti happens to see BF and GF while theyre tryna have a date and decides to confront them because how else would the rap battle start? lmao.

Then you pretty much learn about how Venti is hella upset, jealous, and misses GF through the songs. In the final song, Venti demands that GF battle her instead. And uhhh the ending is kinda open for interpretation bc I wanted to see peoples headcannons but uhhh,,, the mod doesnt actually exist so uhh,,, yeah.

Anyway!! Just wanted to share bc even though I am def not savvy enough to navigate all the assets and stuff that goes into making a mod, I had lots of fun making everything for it!



Posted by milkypossum - May 17th, 2021

Hi!! Wow holy shit, still generally overwhelmed by the love on my tracks! This has been my first time making and releasing music that isn't just video game song cover kinda things so I'm so glad y'all enjoy them!!

Also!! This coming week I have internet pals coming to stay with me so I won't really have any new tracks until around the end of next week, but I have hella ideas building in my wee pea brain so buckle up lol


Posted by milkypossum - May 11th, 2021

Baby's first post! First off I wanna thank everyone who supported my first track I uploaded on here! To get frontpaged on my first upload was super suprising!

I also want to let everyone know that if you're looking for music for your games and think my style would be a good fit feel free to message me! I've been itching to hop on a project for a sec but don't really know where to look!

Anyway, thank you guys a lot for the support and I can't wait to make more bangin tracks in the future! <3

Here's an apple typhlosion to brighten your day :^)